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At Pello London we work with trusted British Artisans to ensure that our customer receive the best of care. We understand that every hand is different, which is why we offer our bespoke service for the glove range. Our gloves are made from 16 individual pieces. Incorporating separate panels into the finger sections of the glove allow for free movement in all directions. This in turn ensures a more durable glove with a much longer lifetime. To find your correct hand size from the size table below measure the circumference of your hands, excluding the thumb. You should measure your hands at the widest point which is usually just below the knuckles.

To order gloves using our bespoke service, pick one of the glove styles available on our E-Store and select 'add my bespoke size' from the drop-down menu. Once you have completed your purchase, download the Bespoke order Form below and follow instructions. On the form enter your measurements (A - G). Please make sure all measurements are taken on the Palm Side of your hand, preferably in Inches but Centimetres is also accepted. If you do not have the time to enter your measurements while ordering you can skip that step and still proceed with your bespoke order, the measurements can be entered at any time.

Please send your hand tracings or photocopies to info@akapello.com so we can check your measurements. We can only accept hand tracings/photocopies by email in PDF format.

Bespoke order Form
Size Guide

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